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How to order?

Please provide us the following information and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

1) No of pax:
2) Age/Gender

3) Date of celebration:
4) Cake Flavour:(Refer to flavour section)
5) Theme:(Flower, marvel, longevity etc.)
6) Wording to indicate on the cake board:


 As a Self-taught Part time baker, limited slot and all cake will be done OMAKASE, based on my creation.
MissGlutton aims to create unique and creative cake. 
Draft of my rough ideas will be shown to client before proceeding.
Strictly no change of design or refund are allowed once the cake is made.
Do not show me any picture as reference, as no one can replica it 100percent 

To view my past product, please visit to my Instagram @Missgluttonsg

(Serious buyer, strictly no fussy or nonsense clients)

What is the weight of each cake?

​Our cakes are measured by length (diameter in inches) instead of weight because:
1. Different flavours yield different weights
2. The more elaborate the design, the heavier the cake – but this doesn’t necessarily feed more people.

To ensure that you choose the ideal cake size for your party, let us know the expected number of guests and we will then
recommend a suitable size.​

What are the sizes available for my cakes?

Single tier cake

6", 7", 8" or 9"


Why customized cake are expensive?

It's not just a piece of cake, you are also paying for someone to design your cake, ingredients, skills, hours, manpower and utilities to build your cake.

How long in advance should I place my order?

Customize Cake - Pre order at least 2-3weeks in advance.
(or depends on my decoration instock)

Drinkable Cake - at least 5 days in advance.
Pre-designed Standard Cake - subject to availability. 

Do you make fondant cakes?

As much as we admire the art of fondant cake sculpting, we specialise in buttercream cake
i would recommend toy decoration as it can be wash and kept.
I would advise order to be confirm at least 3weeks in order to allow me to get the decoration in cheaper rate, unless i had instock.

Can you create a replica of the cake in this picture?
All cake designs will be done freestyle by MissGlutton, or as they say in Japanese: Omakase, which means “I'll leave it up
to you”.

How should I store my cake after collection?

All cakes will be baked one day before collection day, therefore all cakes have to be stored in the fridge and consumed within 48 hours after collection.

How long in advance do I have to take the cake out of the fridge?

For the best texture and taste, it is advised to take it out at least 30 mins to 1 hour before serving. Cakes have to be
placed in an air-conditioned room to prevent the buttercream from melting. Avoid placing it in humid areas or under
direct sunlight.


Do you provide delivery?
Self-collection at 24 Eunos Crescent Singapore (400024), Additional charge for external delivery service subject to availability and we will not take any responsibility for any damage or delay during delivery.

Selection for Timeslot from 1130am to 7pm, please give the delivery courier 30mins interval.

1 Tier cake - from $22
2 Tier cake - from $32
Side by side cake (2cakes) -from $32

Hotel / Chalet, meet up at pickup / drop off point, to avoid paying $5 surcharge. Please understand there is a charge of parking fee occur for some hotel/chalet.

Why does my tongue get stained after eating the dark-coloured buttercream?

Food colouring is added to buttercream to achieve certain colours, which may stain your tongue and teeth. This isn’t
permanent, of course, so not to worry! You may choose to scrape off the coloured buttercream before eating.


How do i make payment?

We only accept full payment!
Fund transfer paynow to 81275399 by the given dateline. 
Please indicate contact number/Instagram username and date of celebration as reference.
Do inform us once payment is made.  Strictly no cash payment! 

Are your cakes halal?

We are not halal certified, we are home baker

What if the cakes that i ordered turn up damage?

Upon collection, recipient is to check the condition of the cakes before acceptance. MissGlutton do not take responsibility of cakes damaged after acceptance of the cake. 

We do not advise tier cake to be place at the floorboards, get a second person in the car to assist and support the cake box.

Why are there bubble tea straws in the tier cakes?

Cake may sink or crumble if there are no structure in between the tier cakes, please remove the straws before consumption.

Why does your cake vary in price

Every cake is different. We use different ingredients, different crafts to create a different design, and that explains different price. We have to also include the hours input in preparing and building your cake. 

Please note that one of the pricing factors is the cost of ingredients. if there is increase of cost, we will quote accordingly.

Can I choose different flavours for each tier? If so, is there an additional charge?

Yes, however there will be additional charge.

Does your cake contain eggs?


Can i cancel my order?

Missgluttonsg is a passion projected supported by her full-time day job, therefore once payment is made, slot is confirmed. Therefore, she would need to reject another client if the slot is fully book. There will be penalty charge $40 

Do you provide cake samples?


How to confirm order?

Once payment has been made, your order is confirmed. we do not take verbal confirmation without payment.


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